Quality Picture of the design you would like for us to digitize and embroider or screen print

The better the quality of the picture the easier the process of digitizing will be and the better you image will appear.

Something as simple as a picture of your image by a digital camera is often enough


 Dimensions of the design, as you want it to appear on the items

The Item embroidered here is a typical 4 by 4 left chest image. The 4 by 4 dimension is most commonly used for embroidery and screen printing on the front or items.

 Placement of the design

Designs are most commonly placed on the left chest as pictured above.

Items can be place nearly anywhere on the item, feel free to request placement anywhere and we will let you know if we can make it happen.

Most common placements for embroidery are: Left Chest or Sleeve

Most common placements for screen printing are: Left Chest, Full back, or Full front

Only available on Cloth back hats on the back area

 Placement of you design on hats

Most hats have a design on the front, but also can be placed along the sides or the back on cloth back hats.